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wed. hitch. verb to take, as another’s idea, and make one’s own. Synonyms. adopt. embrace. take on. take up. Synonyms for espouse.

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Espouse Synonym

Mar 26, 2021 · Explore ‘espouse’ in the dictionary. 1 (verb) in the sense of support. Definition. to adopt or give support to (a cause, ideal, etc.) She ran away to Mexico and espoused the revolutionary cause. Synonyms. …

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To have a preference or liking for. To express approval or agreement. To promote the use, sale, or acceptance of. Begin or start again. To promise to give in marriage. Occupy oneself with. Assist someone or comply with their requests. To demonstrate to be true based on facts. To make a …

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Synonyms for. Espouse. adopt. v. # accept , cast. embrace. v. # accept , take. support.

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espouse definition: choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans synonyms: select, comply, adopt, choose, pick out, abide by, stick, take, adhere, follow antonyms: unlash, unstrap, untie, unfasten, disconnect

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Synonyms for espouses. marries, matches, weds. 2 to take as a spouse. heeded his father’s advice to espouse someone with whom he had common interests.