To Seize Or Hold Firmly

Grip Definition of Grip by Merriam-Webster

Grip definition is – to seize or hold firmly. How to use grip in a sentence.

Seize Hold Of Definition of Seize Hold Of by Merriam-Webster

Definition of seize hold of : to forcefully take and hold (someone or something) with the hand or arms She seized hold of my hand. Learn More about seize hold of Share seize hold of

Definition To seize or hold firmly –

To Seize Or Hold Firmly

To seize or hold firmly is to GRASP. Hope this helps:) please mark BRAINLIEST!

Seize and hold firmly Crossword Clue Answers

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Seize and hold firmly. 5 letter answer(s) to seize and hold firmly. GRASP. the act of grasping; "he released his clasp on my arm"; "he has a strong grip for an old man"; "she kept a firm hold on the railing"

SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY – crossword answers, clues …

SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY ‘SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY’ is a 18 letter phrase starting with S and ending with Y Crossword clues for ‘SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY’ Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY [grasp]

Seize And Hold Firmly – Crossword Clue Answer

Jun 03, 2018 · Best Answer for Seize And Hold Firmly Crossword Clue. The word that solves this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with G

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What word means ‘to seize or hold firmly’? I believe the word is ‘grasp’ verb (used with object) to seize and hold by or as if by clasping with the fingers or arms. to seize upon; hold firmly. verb (used without object) to make an attempt to seize…

SEIZE AND HOLD FIRMLY – 5 Letters – Crossword Solver Help

Hold together firmly A follower gets to hold the crown, in a manner of speaking, from The Tempest offering to hold a group discussion What Texas hold’em tables hold Seize and take into legal custody

Grasp – definition of grasp by The Free Dictionary

1. To take hold of or seize firmly with the hand, the foot, another body part, or an instrument: The elephant grasped the branch with its trunk. 2. To hold with the arms; embrace.